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Why a Birthday Box?

Why a Birthday Box?

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I love to entertain. I don’t love to cook multiple course recipes (especially salads), or wash and iron crumpled linen table cloths. I don’t love out-dated china that is ceremoniously reserved only for the main holidays and must be hand-washed. Or worse, I don’t love to pick through my everyday dishes for un-chipped plates, cups, and glasses worthy of my guests. Simply said, I don’t like to turn a gathering into a fuss. However, I know that a part of making my guests feel special is to create a special environment, sparking them to linger longer at the table. It is the conversation and connection with friends and family in which I find joy.

This is the conundrum with which I’ve danced over the years and is the inspiration for launching Martin+Mo with Wai, my good friend and partner in all things beautiful and joyful.

Enter the Box…

What if, tucked safely away in my pantry shelf, was a box that was worthy of my esteemed guests and special celebrations. What if it included everything I needed to create an ad-hoc celebration or simple gathering without the fuss. It turns out that Wai has such a box. How could she keep this secret from me for so long?

Our intent is to curate such a box for those who also love to surround themselves with family, friends, interesting people, and enjoy meaningful conversation… for those who do NOT want to stress about set up. Our boxes include everything needed for a bespoke birthday celebration, book club gathering, poker or bridge game, salon, tea party… whatever it is you do to nurture joyful times with friends, family, and special guests.

Martin+Mo sterling silver items are hand crafted in our studio.   We work with artisans who specialize in their respective crafts like woodworking, porcelain, glass, and fabric to bring you bespoke TableObjects that spark joy.


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    Simona Martin
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  • Nov 05, 2016

    I have had the opportunity to watch as these pieces were coming together….I LOVE IT!!!
    I can’t wait to have one in my pantry….can’t wait to pull it out and share it1

    — Ava Eagle

  • Nov 04, 2016

    This party in a box is absolutely stunning!

    I can’t wait to share it with my friends

    Thank you Simona and Wai!

    — Debora Crosby

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