Meet Us

Martin+Mo was a way of life long before it sprang into a bespoken concept shop. Wai Mo grew up in Hong Kong, while Simona Martin came from Prague, Czechoslovakia. We first met on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1999 and began the first of many aesthetic collaborations. Our design sensibility is continually informed by the cultural essences of our respective homelands: tailored Asian simplicity with the drive for perfection, beauty and integrity inherent in the creative and making process, and the ornamental design of the heart of Europe that honors the individual and challenges the established norms.

Not so auspiciously, we bring the wisdom of both heritages to our new homeland and by extension, this endeavor in the United States of America. We work with American crafts-persons and artisans to design and make fine porcelain and wood TableObjects. Our sterling silver, fine silver, textile, and linen objects are both envisioned and created in the Martin+Mo studios. GlassObjects are designed and made by the preeminent glass company, Moser in the Czech Republic.

Martin+Mo strives to bring the whimsy and joy of everyday rituals and traditions back into every home. Each time family and friends linger longer around the warmth of a kitchen table, engage in meaningful conversation, and experience a deeper connection to each other, we hear a tiny ringing bell. 

About Our Products

Porcelain and Earthenware Objects are handcrafted exclusively for Martin+Mo by a master ceramicist in the mid-western USA.  

Wooden Objects are handmade from hardwoods exclusively designed by Martin+Mo. Our walnut storage boxes are crafted in the northeastern USA. Our wooden utensils are handmade in our Martin+Mo studios. Both are finished with natural beeswax and mineral oil.  

Silver Objects are handmade in our Martin+Mo studios. Since each piece is unique and made by hand, minor imperfections exist because humans too are imperfect.  

Linen Objects are handmade in the USA and designed exclusively by Martin+Mo. Our napkins and hats are sewn from yarn dyed linen. Our table runners are unique one-of-a-kind naturally piece hand-dyed and stitched by Martin+Mo in our studios. 

Crystal Objects For over 160 years, Moser glass is made in Bohemia (today's Czech Republic) and is collected by kings, popes, world leaders, personalities, and those with the most discerning taste. Since its inception in 1857, Moser has a reputation as the most prestigious and innovative crystal maker in the Austrian-Hungarian empire and later, the world. Every Moser object is hand-cut with ecological 100% lead-free crystal, of a unique color spectrum, and designed by the most prestigious designers, glassmakers, cutters, and engravers.

Care Instructions

About Our Packaging

We imagine a world in which everything is beautiful and nothing is wasted. That is why we strive to re-use found packaging materials from within our studio. What we cannot find in-house, we purchase from an earth-friendly packaging supplier. Either way, rest assured that your purchase will be packed with the same aesthetic sensibility as the product itself. Our Crystal Objects are shipped directly to you from the glassmaker.