Culbuto bowls and glasses

Our hand sewn napkins and runners made from the finest linen, are either yarn dyed or piece dyed using natural plant products.


Moser's iconic Bar design glasses fit well in the hand for the perfect cocktail experience. Choose from bar glasses, bowl and decanter in a multitude of colors.

Moser Crystal Objects

Hand-cut, lead-free crystal made in the Czech Republic by Moser Glassworks.

The gift of a crystal bowl evokes images of a mother encompassing that which is most sacred in her bosom.  There is a reason crystal bowls are the go-to gift for a wedding couple launching a new life together. ;)

The elegance and craftmanship of Moser lead-free crystal decanters surpass time and place.

Since antiquity, a vase has been an object designed for the most sacred of ceremonies.  Today it honors the unity of a new couple, a freshly cut blossom from the garden, and everything in between.

Moser's Pebbles design was selected by Martin+Mo for its whimsical, bold, and natural quality, not unlike Antonín Dvorák's New World Symphony. 

Having one of our party boxes in your cupboard gives you the confidence to hold a memorable impromptu celebration anytime.  Beautiful TableObjects for your gatherings inspire guests to linger longer at the table. 

Our delicately translucent and strong porcelain and earthenware objects are handmade by a master craftsman and teacher.  We work closely with the designer to create these unique designs.
Woodworking came early to Ryan when he started carving Harry Potter wands in 2nd grade. He was formally introduced to the craft in a Waldorf woodworking class. He learned not only how to use the traditional hand tools, but how to see the wood, feel its grain, and listen to what each piece wants to become.
Our silver items are hand made in our studio.  Each piece is uniquely beautiful.  Choose from condiment spoons, birthday candle holders, and bubble wands. Silver objects are hand-made from fine or sterling silver metals in the Martin+Mo Studio.

Invoke nostalgia. Enliven your space with our organic essential oil blends specially hand formulated to invoke the ambiance and spirit of far away places. A collaboration with Marianne Nishifue´, Alchemist and Purveyor of Apothycaria.  

New for Summer 2018
 "....Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it" ~ Steve Jobs
Imagine the nostalgic and audacious stories a vintage object would tell... if only it could.  We select our vintage objects because they are either exquisite, interesting, inspiring, and in all cases contain an anthology of potential stories.  Can you coax one out of them?

Moser's Whisky glass collection was designed by Oldrich Lípa in 1968, this pattern features a smooth, cylindrical shape with a thick "strengthened" bottom. 


The natural beauty hardwood combined with our master craftspersons' ability see what lives within each piece of natural wood results in Martin+Mo's unique collection of boxes and serving utensils. All are handmade in the USA.